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WTS-F2 solar collector range

Weishaupt extends its range with the newly developed WTS-F2 collector.

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Mar 01, 2011

WTS-F2 solar collector range

Weishaupt extends its range with the newly developed WTS-F2 collector.

The collectors are designed especially for on-roof and flat-roof installations. The WTS-F2 range is very well suited to locations with a large DHW demand, such as hotels, sports centres, and apartment blocks, and to providing heating support.

Integrated hydraulic manifolds make it possible to cost-effectively and quickly combine up to ten collectors in a row. The collectors have metallically sealing connections. Relatively high system temperatures develop during the summer months, especially in large collector arrays, therefore there are special connections between the collector panels to compensate for thermal expansion. These ensure a long and reliable service life for the collectors.

In order to maximise heat gain throughout the year, the interior of the collector is well protected from moisture ingress, and from sustained misting of the solar glass panels. The welded aluminium frame is attached to the solar glass with a high-quality, permanently elastic two-component adhesive. It is long-lasting and completely weatherproof.

A particularly efficent absorber has been developed to maximise energy yields:

  • A multi-layered MiroTherm coating absorbs both direct and diffuse solar radiation.
  • The tightly meandering copper pipe is double laser welded to the full-surface absorber.
  • The meander principle is equally well suited to high-flow and low-flow operation. Furthermore, this technology offers large advantages when it comes to venting and stagnation behaviour (protection against overheating during the summer months).

As well collectors, Weishaupts a wide range of accessory parts, including:

  • Highly efficient, insulated hydraulic assemblies to meet any and all requirements.
  • Versatile double-pipe sections in various shapes, connectors, safety devices, etc.
  • Bivalent solar DHW cylinders and thermal stores in many different sizes.
  • High-performance fresh-water systems for maximum domestic water convenienece.
  • Innovative solar controllers for almost all applications.
Weishaupt WTS-F2 solar collector.
Weishaupt WTS-F2 solar collector.
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