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Weishaupt WK80 industrial burner (up to 22 MW)

The new WK80 industrial burner can now fire all the usual fuels up to 22 MW, and is also available as a dual-fuel burner.

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Mar 01, 2011

Weishaupt WK80 industrial burner (up to 22 MW)

The new WK80 industrial burner can now fire all the usual fuels up to 22 MW, and is also available as a dual-fuel burner.

The WK80 is the most powerful burner in the WK series (40, 50, 70 and 80). Worldwide, it is one of the few burners of this size that is supplied from the factory as a type-tested unit: a seperate approval inspection on site is not required.

The WK80 is now also available in swirlflame execution, enabling it to meet the requirements of water-tube boilers with short combustion chambers. Its special mixing assembly combines the combustion air swirl with reliable flame stability and fuel feed. This new development was made possible by the world's largest combustion test chamber, situated in Weishaupt's Research and Development Centre in Schwendi, Germany .

Weishaupt WK-series industrial burners are of modular design. That means the fan, pump station, and preheater station are all selected independently of the burner. This concept offers a high degree of flexibility in matching to the most diverse applications. The burners can fire natural gas and LPG, as well as light, medium, and heavy fuel oils.

Digital combustion management ensures the simple and safe operation of combustion plant. All important functions, such as fuel and air supply or flame monitoring, are controlled with digital precision. Operational functions are optimised, economy is maximised, and emissions are minimised. Several bus systems are available via E-Gate if data from the burner are to be exchanged with a PLC unit, or if control of the burner is to be integrated into a building management system.

Many industrial processes create high flue-gas temperatures due to the high temperature of the medium used. A heat exchanger in the flue can be used to reclaim a large amount of energy from these hot flue gases, increasing efficiency by up to 9 %. Weishaupt WK-series industrial burners can be operated with preheated combustion-air temperatures of up to 250 °C.

The burner housing of the preheated-air version of the WK80 is fitted with thick internal insulation as standard. Even with a combustion air temperature of 250 °C, the surface temperature of the housing remains below 100 °C. The insulation also provides effictive noise reduction - the burner has a noise level under 85 dB(A).

A new design of mixing assembly reduces burner pressure loss by around 40 % compared to previous WK-series burners. As a result smaller fans with a lower rate of electrical consumption can be used, and that means lower purchase and running costs for the operator. Furthermore, vibrations have been reduced and the burner is quieter in operation. The introduction of the new mixing assembly further reduces emissions, increases capacity to 22,000 kW, and reduces electrical consumption.

Weishaupt WK80 industrial burner.
Weishaupt WK80 industrial burner.
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