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WCM-COM communications module

The central communications interface for Weishaupt WTC heating systems.


WCM-COM communications module

The central communications interface for Weishaupt WTC heating systems:

Location-independent: Enables the convenient monitoring and control of WTC heating systems from wherever you may be.

Multi-modal communications: Communication via internet, email, or text message as required.

Fast reponse: Ensures equipment is functioning as it should. Any faults can be detected and rectified quickly.

Precise logging: Usage data can be easily called up and analysed. If required, it is possible to correct settings and optimise functionality remotely.

Helpful and beneficial: The Weishaupt communications module facilitates the reliable and economical operation of a heating system. It also offers a considerable reduction in workload and thus represents a meaningful cost saving, particularly in commercial and industrial applications.

Operating instructions

Communication module WCM-COM 1.0 home
Communication module WCM-COM 1.0 home
PDF • 1.2 MB
Communication module WCM-COM 1.0 expert
Communication module WCM-COM 1.0 expert
PDF • 1.1 MB



For professional users who want to be able to check equipment performance data and meter readings at any time, Weishaupt offers mobile communications access via a secure portal. Users must sign a special mobile communications contract before they can access the service. Registration and login takes places via the WCM-COM portal.

Kommunikationsmodul WCM-COM

App for iOS und Android

Heating system status Reprogram the timer Current solar yield Monthly solar yield

If your heating system is equipped with the WCM-COM 1.0 home communications module, it can be controlled from your smartphone using the "Weishaupt Heating Control" app.

Control: Change your heating and hot-water systems' temperature and timer settings while you're out and about.

Status queries: Check heating system data (incl. current outdoor temperature) and call up information from a connected Weishaupt solar heating system, such as collector temperature, current performance, or bar charts showing solar yield over the previous 14 days or 3 years.

Flexible accessibility: Several people can access a single heating system from their own individual smartphones, just as one person can use a single smartphone to control several heating systems.

Download: The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.


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