Weishaupt Thermo Condens WTC-GW B The boiler controller Weishaupt Thermo Condens WTC-GW B Internal view of the WTC-GW B

The new Weishaupt gas-fired condensing boiler, WTC-GW B, is easy to operate and efficient. Whether it is being controlled via an app, over the web, or directly from the unit itself, the WTC-GW B shows how easily complicated technology can be controlled and understood, and does so while setting a benchmark for energy usage.

Less is more: The infinitely variable output of the boilers is matched to current heat demand, both with the smaller size 15 (1.9–13.7 kW) and larger size 25 (2.9–23.6) units. This enables continuous burner firing during periods of moderate outdoor temperatures, thereby increasing efficiency.

High efficiency: The high-capacity heat exchanger, which transfers generated heat to the water, is an aluminium/silicon sand casting with a thermal conductivity seven times higher than that of stainless steel. This results in a gross efficiency of 110.1 % (99.2 % nett). Furthermore, the glass-like coating that develops during production provides protection against corrosion and soiling.

Optimised combustion: The gas-fired condensing boiler is equipped as standard with the SCOT combustion controller which makes adjustments to match the prevailing gas quality. The self-calibrating system thus reacts to different admixtures of, for example, biogas, or to environmental and temperature influences. This ensures the utilisation of the gas is always optimised for efficiency, economy, and safety.

Minimised electrical consumption: The electrical consumption of the integral energy-saving pump has been reduced even further thanks to the heat exchanger’s 20 % reduction in water resistance.

Fast, simple installation: Wall mounting saves space and allows the boiler to be installed anywhere indoors. Numerous flue gas components allow for a flexible arrangement of the equipment, for example in an attic without a traditional chimney. Furthermore, the levelling mounting enables the connection-ready system to be installed quickly and easily.

Different gas types: The boiler operates reliably on natural gas, LPG, and certain biogases (of natural gas quality).

Easy to operate: Weishaupt Thermo Condens boilers are operated and adjusted via a boiler-mounted control unit or, optionally, from the living space via an app or the web. Remote operation and maintenance over the internet by specialist trades can be achieved with the optional Weishaupt WEM portal.

Quiet operation: The variable speed fan reduces operational noise to a minimum.

All-in-one solution: The condensing boiler can be integrated with a tank to form a compact, floor-mounted unit (WTC-GW B K) (available from 2017-Q3).

Purpose-made components and accessories: Weishaupt offers numerous accessories, from flue systems, cylinders, hydraulic components, and controls, to solar collectors for water heating or heating support. Everything can be sourced from the one supplier and all the components and accessories are optimally matched to one another.

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