Integrated DHW cylinder

Integrated DHW cylinder

The shapely Compact unit The control unit on the boiler

The Weishaupt Thermo Condens Compact (K) and Combi (C) condensing boilers come with an integrated DHW cylinder. The boiler is identical to the wall-hung WTC-GW B unit.

Install anywhere: Whether in the cellar or elsewhere, the boiler's elegant design suits any surroundings.

Wall-hung Combi unit (WTC-GW 25-B version C): Cylinder-free water heating takes place in a continuous flow process that utilises an efficient stainless-steel plate heat exchanger with a capacity of up to 14 litres per minute.

Compact unit (WTC-GB B version K) with stratified cylinder: The free-standing system with the innovative Weishaupt Aqua Power (WAS Power) stratified cylinder is available in 80-litre and 115-litre sizes, and provides a large degree of DHW convenience.

Compact unit (WTC-GB B version K) with coil heat exchanger: The free-standing system is also available with a tried-and-tested 100-litre cylinder with coil heat exchanger that is ideal for locations with very hard water.

Long service life: Weishaupt condensing boilers are the result of years of experience and developmental work. Only high-quality materials and components are used during manufacture.

Corrosion protection: The interior of the cylinder is protected with high-quality enamel. Anodes (magnesium or external current) help to provide complete protection.

System technology: Weishaupt has a comprehensive range of accessories, from flue-gas systems to controllers. All from the same place and all perfectly matched to each other.

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