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Weishaupt Thermo Condens oil-fired condensing boiler (WTC-OB, 12 to 45 kW)

The floor-standing Weishaupt Thermo Condens oil-fired condensing boiler is an ideal, energy-efficient solution when renovating existing oil-fired heating systems.


The oil-fired condensing boiler has many applications Cut-away drawing of the boiler

Oil-fired condensing boilers are particularly economical and environmentally friendly. Weishaupt condensing boilers convert fuel into heat in a very efficient manner; compared to low-temperature systems with a nett efficiency of around 95 %, Weishaupt's oil-fired condensing boilers are 105 % efficient.

Quiet operation: The boiler is equiiped as standard with a combined flue-gas and air-inlet silencer which minimises operational noise.

Saves electricity: The boiler uses only 4 W of electricity on standby. The boiler is also equipped with an energy-saving pump which makes a considerable energy saving in comparison with more typical pumps.

Multiple applications: WTC-OB condensing boilers are equipped with two-stage purflam® blue burners, and there are five rated outputs from 12 to 45 kW. Numerous accessories make connection to the existing hydraulic system simple. The condensing boilers are suitable both for installation in new builds and for the renovation of existing heating systems.

Easy to operate: The Weishaupt Thermo Condens is set and controlled using a portable controller, either directly at the boiler or from elsewhere in the building. Remote operation and maintenance (e.g. via the internet) can be achieved using the optional Weishaupt WCM-COM communications module.

Environmentally friendly fuels: The Weishaupt Thermo Condens oil-fired condensing boiler is approved for use with both low-sulphur fuel oil EL and B10 blended bio-oil (per DIN 51603-6 / DIN 51603-1 or comparable national standards) with a maximum sulphur content of 50 mg/kg. The admixture of ash-forming additives is not permitted. The low sulphur content helps to protect the environment and to extend the service life of the heating surfaces.

Long service life: The aluminium/silicon heat exchanger is corrosion-resistant and has excellent heat transfer properties, contributing greatly to the energy-efficient operation of the boiler.

Energy efficiency

The familiar efficiency labelling of fridges, washing machines and televisions has now been extended to cover heating equipment. Both individual products and complete heating systems will be given energy efficiency labels.

The thinking: The labelling complies with European Union (EU) directives and is designed to give consumers a basis for comparison and thus to help them make informed decisions when buying heating systems. Consistent, standardised practice will be ensured by the predefined methods of calculation that have been laid down by the EU Commission.

Product label: Every boiler will receive what is known as a product label. This will state the energy efficiency for space and, where applicable, water heating. Other figures – such as sound power levels –  might also be given, depending on the heating system.

System label: If a complete system is being installed, e.g. a boiler with a temperature controller and a DHW cylinder, there will be a system label to show the energy efficiency of that system as a whole. This is usually better, as all the components have been matched to one another and expansions to the system, for example with solar collectors, have been taken into account.

Usefulness: The labels show the energy efficiency as defined by certain standards. However, this shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all when it comes to domestic heating. Many factors influence the energy efficiency and consumption of a heating system: How warm should the house be? How much hot water will be used? Is there underfloor heating? Purchasing decisions should therefore not be made solely on the basis of the energy efficiency label.

SystemEnergy efficiency class*

*Per EU Regulation No. 811/2013 Heating, seasonal space heating energy efficiency class

DHW cylinders

Weishaupt Aqua Standard: WAS 150-500

This DHW cylinder is available in five sizes, so that precisely the right capacity can be selected for any application. The generously dimensioned heating coil enables rapid heating, and the cylinder's PU-foam insulation keeps the temperature level constant for long periods, saving energy. (Energy efficiency class: B, WAS 500: C)

Weishaupt WAS 150-500 Eco

The "Eco"-version cylinders offer increased energy efficiency. Their composite insulation with vacuum insulated panels and HDPU foam retains heat for longer. (Energy Efficiency Class: A)

WAS 200

Weishaupt Aqua Tower: WAT 140

The slim Weishaupt Aqua Tower can help when boiler room space is limited. Its 140-litre volume and high-capacity heat exchanger make it perfectly adequate for two to four-person households. Nor should the design aspect be overlooked - the Aqua Tower is an elegant solution with any Weishaupt boiler or heating system. (Energy efficiency class: B)

Weishaupt WAS 140 Tower-Eco

The "Eco"-version cylinders offer increased energy efficiency. Their composite insulation with vacuum insulated panels and HDPU foam retains heat for longer. (Energy Efficiency Class: A)

WAT 140

Weishaupt thermal store: WES-A 660/910, version C

Weishaupt thermal stores organise and distribute the heat produced by different energy sources (gas or oil-fired condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar collectors, solid-fuel boilers, or stoves) with an exemplary degree of efficiency. Inlet dampers ensure that the ideal temperature stratification is always maintained within the thermal store. Energy is also drawn off in an economical manner, with solar energy having priority over any other source.

WES 660 A-C

Weishaupt Aqua Sol: WASol 310-510

A bivalent cylinder for solar DHW heating. Bivalent means that there are two heating coils within the cylinder; the lower coil is connected to the solar circuit, the upper to the heating system. If the energy provided by the solar circuit is not sufficient for heating the water in the cylinder, the heating system is switched on automatically. Three large gradations allow precise dimensioning for optimal heating convenience with minimal energy consumption. (Energy efficiency class: B, WASol 510: C)

Weishaupt WAS 310-510 Sol / Eco

The "Eco"-version cylinders offer increased energy efficiency. Their composite insulation with vacuum insulated panels and HDPU foam retains heat for longer. (Energy Efficiency Class: A)

WASol 310 410

Weishaupt Aqua Bloc: WAB 155

The Weishaupt Aqua Bloc forms a space-saving unit with the oil-fired WTC-OB condensing boiler. Top-side hydraulic and sanitary connections save space and simplify installation. (Energy efficiency class: C)

WAB 155

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