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Weishaupt WTS-F1 flat-plate collector system

An in-roof installation achieves a seamless integration with the roof architecture .


Weishaupt in-roof collector Cut-away drawing of a WTS-F1 collector The solar controller coordinates the collectors and heating system

Weishaupt in-roof solar collectors are integrated into the roof, being fixed directly to the rafters in place of the roof covering. The collectors thus integrate seamlessly with the architecture of the house.

Versatile: Weishaupt solar collectors can be used with new heating systems or, equally well, as an add-on to exisiting ones. They can be combined with various Weishaupt water cylinders, such as solar support for heating systems with a Weishaupt thermal store (WES 660 or WES 910), or for solar DHW heating with the WASolbivalent cylinder.

Outstanding energy yield: Weishaupt solar collectors make use of both direct and indirect solar radiation. Four 2.5 m² collectors are needed to provide heating support to a living space of around 120 m². Two collectors are sufficient to meet the domestic hot water needs of a three-person household.

High-quality equipment: The MiroTherm® coated collector surface absorbs even diffuse light. Special temperature-resistant coatings and very light-transmissive solar glass ensure good heat gains.

Robust construction: The high-quality, powder-coated aluminium frame lends an homogenous appearance to the collector and makes it impervious to the weather.

Long service life: High-quality materials, robust constructions, and tried-and-tested technology guarantee decades of reliable service.

Attractive subsidies: National and local governments often support investment in solar energy equipment. You can find which subsidies may be available to you in the Weishaupt subsidies database, or speak to your HVAC specialist.

Operating Instructions

WRSol 1.1 manual
WRSol 1.1 manual
PDF • 2.7 MB
WRSol 2.1 manual
WRSol 2.1 manual
PDF • 5.0 MB
Remote control station WCM-FS 2.0 and solar controller WCM-SOL 1.0 home
Remote control station WCM-FS 2.0 and solar controller WCM-SOL 1.0 home
PDF • 1.6 MB

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