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DHW cylinders

Weishaupt DHW cylinders are ideal for use with Weishaupt heating systems.


Weishaupt AquaSol for solar DHW heating Cut-away drawing of a Weishaupt WES thermal store

Weishaupt DHW cylinders are ideal for use with Weishaupt solar energy systems. Whether for solar DHW heating, space heating support, or for the drawing together of various heat sources, you will always find just the right one.

DHW cylinders

Weishaupt Aqua Sol: WASol 310-510

A bivalent cylinder for solar DHW heating. Bivalent means that there are two heating coils within the cylinder; the lower coil is connected to the solar circuit, the upper to the heating system. If the energy provided by the solar circuit is not sufficient for heating the water in the cylinder, the heating system is switched on automatically. Three large gradations allow precise dimensioning for optimal heating convenience with minimal energy consumption. (Energy efficiency class: B, WASol 510: C)

Weishaupt WAS 310-510 Sol / Eco

The "Eco"-version cylinders offer increased energy efficiency. Their composite insulation with vacuum insulated panels and HDPU foam retains heat for longer. (Energy Efficiency Class: A)

WASol 310 410

Weishaupt thermal store: WES-A 660/910, version C

Weishaupt thermal stores organise and distribute the heat produced by different energy sources (gas or oil-fired condensing boilers, heat pumps, solar collectors, solid-fuel boilers, or stoves) with an exemplary degree of efficiency. Inlet dampers ensure that the ideal temperature stratification is always maintained within the thermal store. Energy is also drawn off in an economical manner, with solar energy having priority over any other source.

WES 660 A-C

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