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Weishaupt split heat pumps (WWP LS)

Weishaupt split heat pumps are a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution for the heating and cooling of buildings. Available in ratings up to 16 kW.


Outdoor unit (left) and indoor unit (right) Schematic representation of a split heat pump installation Cut-away drawing of the indoor unit The outdoor unit contains the fan and compressor

Weishaupt split heat pumps are a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution for buildings with heat demands up to 16 kW.

Split heat pumps are split into two parts: an outdoor unit which draws in ambient air and pumps it indoors, and a wall-hung indoor unit connected to the heating and DHW circuits.

Reliable source of heat: Weishaupt split heat pumps heat reliably, even in sub-zero temperatures down to -20 °C.

Versatile: The outdoor unit can be installed in the garden or mounted directly on to the wall of the house. The indoor unit - no larger than a wall-hung boiler -  will fit in any house. Installation is fast and simple, and neither a flue nor a chimney are required.

Comfortably quiet operation: Like all Weishaupt heat pumps, both the indoor and outdoor units operate extremely quietly. A “night mode” allows the speed of the efficient fan to be reduced at particular times of the day.

Cost-effective and economical: The split technology is well tried and tested, and operates reliably and efficiently. All the accessories - from the wall fixings to the room thermostat - are supplied directly by Weishaupt. The heat pump incorporates a Class A Efficiency circulation pump as standard.

Cooling function as standard: In warm weather Weishaupt split heat pumps can be used to actively cool buildings.

For new builds or renovations: Split heat pumps can also be incorporated into hybrid solutions. For example, the existing heating boiler can be retained to cover peak heat demand, while off-peak loads are covered exclusively by the economical heat pump.

Everything under control: The heat pump is quick and easy to operate using its colour display and reliable tap-and-turn controller, or via the smartphone and tablet app for iOS or Android.

Integrated DHW cylinder

For heating, cooling, and hot water. Everything is brought together in the WWP LS Compact split heat pump with integrated 165-litre cylinder.

Space saving: The compact unit’s small footprint of just 60 x 60 cm is outstanding, and very advantageous where space is tight or at a premium.
Compact package: Everything that is required in normal operation is can be found inside the compact split heat pump. This keeps the wall free of any external system components.
Flexible arrangement: Piping (heating, hot water, and circulation) can be connected from the left or right-hand sides, or from above, providing a greater choice of potential installation locations.

Highly efficient cylinder: Efficient vacuum insulation panels keep hot-water heating losses at a very low level. That means constant hot water with lower energy consumption.
Powerful: The compact versions of the Weishaupt split heat pump are available for heat outputs up to 7.7 and 11.1 kW (for A2/W35).
Expandable: The compact unit can be readily matched with additional heat generators (e.g. solar collectors) for system expansion.

Energy efficiency

The familiar efficiency labelling of fridges, washing machines and televisions has now been extended to cover heating equipment. Both individual products and complete heating systems will be given energy efficiency labels.

The thinking: The labelling complies with European Union (EU) directives and is designed to give consumers a basis for comparison and thus to help them make informed decisions when buying heating systems. Consistent, standardised practice will be ensured by the predefined methods of calculation that have been laid down by the EU Commission.

Product label: Every boiler will receive what is known as a product label. This will state the energy efficiency for space and, where applicable, water heating. Other figures – such as sound power levels –  might also be given, depending on the heating system.

System label: If a complete system is being installed, e.g. a boiler with a temperature controller and a DHW cylinder, there will be a system label to show the energy efficiency of that system as a whole. This is usually better, as all the components have been matched to one another and expansions to the system, for example with solar collectors, have been taken into account.

Usefulness: The labels show the energy efficiency as defined by certain standards. However, this shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all when it comes to domestic heating. Many factors influence the energy efficiency and consumption of a heating system: How warm should the house be? How much hot water will be used? Is there underfloor heating? Purchasing decisions should therefore not be made solely on the basis of the energy efficiency label.

SystemEnergy efficiency class*
WWP LS 8-B, R-E A++ / A++
WWP LS 10-B, R-E A++ / A+
WWP LS 10-B, R A++ / A++
WWP LS 13-B, R A++ / A++
WWP LS 16-B, R A++ / A++
WWP LS 8-B, R-E-K A++ / A++ / A**
WWP LS 10-B, R-E-K A++ / A+ / A**
WWP LS 10-B, R-K A++ / A++ / A**

*Per EU Regulation No. 811/2013 seasonal space heating energy efficiency under average climate conditions, low-temperature (35 °C) / high-temperature (55 °C) applications

**Water heating energy efficiency, tap profile XL.

DHW cylinders

Weishaupt Aqua Standard: WAS 150-500

This DHW cylinder is available in five sizes, so that precisely the right capacity can be selected for any application. The generously dimensioned heating coil enables rapid heating, and the cylinder's PU-foam insulation keeps the temperature level constant for long periods, saving energy. (Energy efficiency class: B, WAS 500: C)

Weishaupt WAS 150-500 Eco

The "Eco"-version cylinders offer increased energy efficiency. Their composite insulation with vacuum insulated panels and HDPU foam retains heat for longer. (Energy Efficiency Class: A)

WAS 200

Weishaupt Aqua Sol: WASol 310-510

A bivalent cylinder for solar DHW heating. Bivalent means that there are two heating coils within the cylinder; the lower coil is connected to the solar circuit, the upper to the heating system. If the energy provided by the solar circuit is not sufficient for heating the water in the cylinder, the heating system is switched on automatically. Three large gradations allow precise dimensioning for optimal heating convenience with minimal energy consumption. (Energy efficiency class: B, WASol 510: C)

Weishaupt WAS 310-510 Sol / Eco

The "Eco"-version cylinders offer increased energy efficiency. Their composite insulation with vacuum insulated panels and HDPU foam retains heat for longer. (Energy Efficiency Class: A)

WASol 310 410

Weishaupt Aqua Comfort: WAC 300-500

A classical water cylinder with a generously dimensioned heating coil for maximum DHW convenience. The large cylinder volume facilitates comfortable hot water temperatures and helps to save energy. (Energy efficiency class: WAC 300-400: B / WAC 500: C)

Weishaupt WAS 300-500

The "Eco"-version cylinders offer increased energy efficiency. Their composite insulation with vacuum insulated panels and HDPU foam retains heat for longer. (Energy Efficiency Class: A)


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