Outdoor unit (left) and indoor unit (right) Schematic representation of a split heat pump installation Cut-away drawing of the indoor unit The outdoor unit contains the fan and compressor

Weishaupt split heat pumps are a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution for buildings with heat demands up to 16 kW.

Split heat pumps are split into two parts: an outdoor unit which draws in ambient air and pumps it indoors, and a wall-hung indoor unit connected to the heating and DHW circuits.

Reliable source of heat: Weishaupt split heat pumps heat reliably, even in sub-zero temperatures down to -20 °C.

Versatile: The outdoor unit can be installed in the garden or mounted directly on to the wall of the house. The indoor unit - no larger than a wall-hung boiler -  will fit in any house. Installation is fast and simple, and neither a flue nor a chimney are required.

Comfortably quiet operation: Like all Weishaupt heat pumps, both the indoor and outdoor units operate extremely quietly. A “night mode” allows the speed of the efficient fan to be reduced at particular times of the day.

Cost-effective and economical: The split technology is well tried and tested, and operates reliably and efficiently. All the accessories - from the wall fixings to the room thermostat - are supplied directly by Weishaupt. The heat pump incorporates a Class A Efficiency circulation pump as standard.

Cooling function as standard: In warm weather Weishaupt split heat pumps can be used to actively cool buildings.

For new builds or renovations: Split heat pumps can also be incorporated into hybrid solutions. For example, the existing heating boiler can be retained to cover peak heat demand, while off-peak loads are covered exclusively by the economical heat pump.

Everything under control: The heat pump is quick and easy to operate using its colour display and reliable tap-and-turn controller, or via the smartphone and tablet app for iOS or Android.

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