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Data Protection Statement for the use of the communication module WCM-COM and any associated App (IOS or Android)

The communication module WCM-COM enables you to change the settings of your -weishaupt- heating system. This requires you to connect your device (PC, mobile phone) to the WCM-COM via internet or WI-FI. You can also make settings using the app for the WCM-COM. This may allow access to personal data. Compliance with data protection laws and the protection of your personal data is of utmost importance to -weishaupt-. The following explains the information we collect and how we protect your data.

1. General

"1.1 Max Weishaupt GmbH, 88475 Schwendi is responsible for data protection. We will only store and process your personal information if this is necessary for the fulfilment and improvement of our services. Typically, we will obtain this data directly from yourself, at which time we will also inform you about the intended use of the data collected. If the data is not obtained directly from you, we will notify you accordingly. "

1.2 From time to time -weishaupt- may change this Data Protection Statement without prior notice to comply with modified legislation or case-law.

2. Scope of the Data Protection Statement

2.1 The protection of your personal data is the object of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (TMG). This includes data, which can be linked to your identity (for example your name, your phone number or your email address). Information which can not be linked directly to your identity is not covered.

2.2 This data protection statement applies solely to the processing of personal data resulting from accessing your -weishaupt- heating system using the WCM-COM (and, if applicable, the WCM-COM app) via the Internet. When controlling your heating system via your local LAN or WI-FI, no personal data will be transmitted to -weishaupt-.

3. Collection and processing personal data

3.1 You can monitor and set your -weishaupt- heating system using the WCM-COM and , if applicable, the app via the Internet. The Internet connection can only be made by you. When selecting this option, you will first be asked to enter an ID for authentication.
The following data is then recorded and stored temporarily on -weishaupt- servers:

  • ­ Your IP-Address (which will be stored for no longer than 7 days),
  • ­ the date and duration of access,
  • ­ the operating system of your device,
  • ­ your selected username,
  • ­ the ID, which is required for authentication and for coupling the device,
  • ­ operating mode of your heating system (e.g. normal operation, setback operation) as well as
  • ­ setpoints, actual values and timer programs.

If you access the WCM-COM via app also:

  • ­ your IMEI, meaning the device number, (on iOS devices: the UDID)
  • ­ your card number (IMSI)

We do not store your mobile number, the name of your phone, location data, or other data on your smartphone.

3.2 In addition, we store personal data only when you transmit this to us, e.g. if you send us a message. In this case, we ask you to provide certain personal data, which is necessary to perform services. Any mandatory information is indicated by an asterisk, all other information you share with us is voluntary.

4. Purpose of data collection

The above information is collected solely for the purpose of enabling the use of the service (i.e. : monitoring and controlling your -weishaupt- heating system via the Internet, downloading updates, etc.).

5. Disclosure to third parties, no transfer to countries outside of Europe

5.1 We will not pass on your information to third parties without your consent, unless there is a legal obligation to do so.

5.2 Your data will only be stored and used in the Federal Republic of Germany. It will never be transferred to countries outside of Europe.

6. Acceptance

If, in individual cases, a consent to use your personal data is required, we will obtain this from you prior to submitting the information. This may be required for example, if a technical problems occurs with the app and an error report has to be sent to -weishaupt-.

7. Cookies and user profiles

Using the app will not lead to tacking of your activities or to the creation of a user profile. Cookies do not apply when using the app.

8. Security

-weishaupt-offers the possibility to transfer personal information in encrypted form. This encryption protects the confidentiality of data exchange between you and our Web server, and helps to prevent misuse of data, e.g. through wiretapping. We use TLS (transport layer security) encryption technology. This technology is recognised and widely-used.

9. Information and contact

If required, we can of course confirm if any of your personal data is stored by us. Please email your request to:

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